Sunday, March 1, 2009

Week 7: Question of the Week

Will Stephon Marbury help or hurt the Celtics?

Kris said:

I think that signing Marbury was actually a good move. Even though Marbury has a history of being a troublemaker, I still think that he will help the Celtics. The Celtics desperately needed a back-up point guard to Rajon Rondo, and now they have a solid veteran. I think Garnett, Pierce, Allen, and Coach Doc Rivers will keep Marbury's attitude in check. Besides, Marbury wanted to go to the Celtics and the Celtics wanted him. Sounds like a match made in heaven. Let's not forget that Marbury was an All-Star. I think Marbury can still play at a high level if he wants to and he will want to because he is playing for a championship contender. There is no better motivation than having the opportunity to win a championship.


Anonymous said...

marbury will work in boston becuase...
1) the team and their coach wont put up with his shananigans!!!
2) he will WIN in boston and if anything can cure a troubled athelete it would be WINNING and that is what the Celtics do!!!

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