Monday, January 12, 2009

Week 1: Question of the Week

Are fouls being called too prominently in today’s NBA game?

Kris said:
I do believe that fouls are being called too prominently in today’s game. There are so many “touch” fouls called that it is starting to get annoying. A player can rarely drive the lane without a foul being called; and if you are rooting for the other team, it just makes you so angry. I must admit that referee’s are getting better at calling real fouls, but there are still a number of phantom fouls (especially on Kobe Bryant) being called.
Players are getting to the foul line numerous times during a game and the hand-check rule takes away any defensive advantage. The only person probably still getting away with hand-checking is Bruce Bowen. I understand the league input the “hand-check rule” to promote offense since high octane offense produces ticket sales, but at what cost? They are taking value away from the game and turning professional athletes into babies and actors (flopping, flailing, and yelling). Besides, constant fouls only slow the game down.
If Magic Johnson and the Showtime Lakers were to play Larry Bird and the Celtics in today’s game, it would be a “free-throwfest”. If Kobe Bryant and Lebron James can average 30 points in today’s game, then Michael Jordan would have been able to average at least 40 points considering defenses used to dog him all the time. I am pretty sure Jordan would have benefited from so many “touch” fouls.


Vi said...

Wow very well stated. I agree with you 100%.

Adam said...

I would have to agree as well. Some players get easy calls such as Kobe and D-Wade. Once they penetrate into the paint and make contact, it is an automatic foul. On top of that, skilled player Kobe and D-Wade can control their shots in mid air and at the same time being bumped, but they still make the basket, resulting into a 3 point play. NBA players are being paid millions of dollars and it should be more of a physical contact sport and refs should just let the players play.

Ryan said...

Yeah I totally agree. Watching games today is not the same as before. That's why I stopped watching after Jordan left. It just got too boring.

I miss watching Rodman destroy on the boards and the fact that he was nice enough to destroy the potential babies of a cameraman. That's a real basketball player....their heart is in the game, not the money.

Tiff said...

That's why I watch football.

Adam said...

I'd have to agree with you there Ryan, more players should play for the game instead of the money. Football is great too I love it more than basketball.

MiKE G said...

Yeah, but don't you agree that SOME refs are a little MORE liberal with the whistle than others? Especially in the heated moments! Sometimes you just gotta let 'em play. Reserve the whistle for the obvious! NO blood, no foul! (lol)

Anonymous said...

the game favors the offensive players way too much let the men earn thier paycheck and LET them play DEFENSE!!!

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