Friday, February 20, 2009


Kris said:

The Oklahoma City Thunder-New Orleans Hornets trade was rescinded the other day because Tyson Chandler failed his physical. The initial trade had been New Orleans sending Tyson Chandler and DeVon Hardin to the Thunder for Chris Wilcox and Joe Smith. Even though this trade did not go through, the Thunder still sent Chris Wilcox to the Knicks for Malik Rose and draft pick to the Bulls for swingman Thabo Sefolosha.

Other major trade information:

-Bulls trade Larry Hughes to Knicks for guard Anthony Roberson and center Jerome James.

-Rockets trade guard Rafer Alston to Magic for forward Brian Cook

-Kings trades forward/center Sheldon Williams and guard Bobby Brown to T'Wolves for guard Rashad McCants and center Calvin Booth

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Kris said:

Just today the Sacramento Kings traded Brad Miller and John Salmons to the Bulls for Andres Nocioni and Drew Gooden.

Lakers vs Warriors Who's gonna win?

All right folks, tonight we are gonna the Best in the West, LA Lakers, taking on the Golden State Warriors who's coming into the game as the Underdog. Tell us who you thinks going to win the game by leaving us a comment.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Week 6: Question of the Week

Which team will benefit more from the Toronto Raptors-Miami Heat trade?

Kris said:

In case you missed it, the Toronto Raptors sent Jermaine O'Neal and Jamario Moon to the Miami Heat for Shawn Marion and Marcus Banks. It may be a little premature to say which team is better off, but I think the Toronto Raptors are going to benefit more. The Raptors get rid of one of their slowest and most injury-prone players for a quick wingman that can run-and-gun with the best of them. Shawn Marion is a perfect fit for the Raptors because they are better as a run-and-gun team and Marion is a better player when he plays that type of offense. Marion is a natural small forward, but can play power forward when Chris Bosh plays center. The Raptors will be one of the fastest, if not the fastest, team in the East; especially with Jose Calderon running the offense. Not to mention that Jose Calderon now has a solid back-up in Marcus Banks.

Shaq is back?!

Cindy said:
The 2009 ALL-STAR GAME was one to remember. Shaquille O’Neal has always been “larger than life”, so his major efforts to sell his participation in the game were not out of the ordinary. Still fans were worried if Shaq would live up to the hype he had long created.
As it turned out, fans were in no way disappointed. He had the over 16,000 fans in uproar from the very start. He displayed a crazy hip hop routine at the end of introductions and finished with his third Most-Valuable-Player-award-clinching performance on the court. He proved to be the feature of the night even though he spent plenty of time on the bench.
In the contrary, he made 8 of his 9 last shots. Also, four of his five rebounds were off the offensive glass. As his plus-21 rating underscored, he was completely in his element. O’Neal was, for his part, inspiring. The stars were aligned that night, and he got an appropriate farewell celebration as a result.

Week 6: Contest of the Week

Well, last week we didn't have much games to analyze due to All Star Week. So this week I have decided to determine which contest was the best during All Star Week. It was not the three point contest, skills contest, rookie vs sophomore contest, horse contest, or all star game, rather the dunk contest was the contest of the week. Nate Robinson coming into the contest as the underdog up against the former champ, Dwight Howard. The Dunk contest was not as exciting as last years up until the very end, when Dwight Howard allowed Nate Robinson to use himself as a prop. Nate, standing only 5-9 dunks over Dwight Howard who stands 6-11. Dwight did use a prop himself during the second round using a 12 feet basket, showing the world that he can elevate extremely high with ease. Dwight's last and final attempt was to impersonate the Jordan free throw dunk, but stepped over the line by a good 6 inch or more. Nate Robinson wins the contest by 52 to 48 vote.

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