Monday, January 19, 2009

Week 2: Game of The Week

This week game of the week has to go to King V.S. Warriors at Oakland last Wednesday. Both teams had a combined win of 21 wins total this season together, not very impressive but the fact that both team played a very competitive game and bringing the game all the way to triple over time deserved game of the week. Both team combined for 268 points for the night, definitely a high scoring game. Game ball goes to Brad Miller, scoring 30 points shooting 10-20, just at 50 percent, dominating the paint with 22 boards, shooting 9 for 9 at the line, 2 steals, and 1 block.


Kris said...

Dang the Warriors had so many chances to put that one away. It was a tough loss. We were missing 4 players though, but there are no excuses. Good shot John Salmons.

MiKE G said...

Go Sac!!! That was definitely a nail biter (if you''re either a sac or gs fan). There were stupid mistakes on both sides, but the game was evenly matched. I must say, though, that the best team won!
Shout out to Kev Martin for keepin the Kings alive, and John Salmon for putting the game away! Big ups to Brad Miller, the ENFORCER!

Daniel said...

I watched the game and it was a good one. Triple overtime. Everytime I thought either team was going to win the other came back. Too bad that most of the warrior players either fouled out of the game or didn't even play because they were hurt. I guess's time for you to wear a Kings jersey....

Ryan said...

Nor Cal sucks, it's all about So Cal baby, and the Lakers

Cindy said...

woah woah woah here RYAN Are you even a Basketball fan?! Because you need some detailed reason for that WHACK comment!!

Adam said...

Go Mavs. DIRK!

Daniel said...

Ryan just wait and see...I'm sure Kobe's going to choke again in the playoffs just like he did against the celtics in the one should ever compare him to Jordan ever again after that performance

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