Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Week 6: Contest of the Week

Well, last week we didn't have much games to analyze due to All Star Week. So this week I have decided to determine which contest was the best during All Star Week. It was not the three point contest, skills contest, rookie vs sophomore contest, horse contest, or all star game, rather the dunk contest was the contest of the week. Nate Robinson coming into the contest as the underdog up against the former champ, Dwight Howard. The Dunk contest was not as exciting as last years up until the very end, when Dwight Howard allowed Nate Robinson to use himself as a prop. Nate, standing only 5-9 dunks over Dwight Howard who stands 6-11. Dwight did use a prop himself during the second round using a 12 feet basket, showing the world that he can elevate extremely high with ease. Dwight's last and final attempt was to impersonate the Jordan free throw dunk, but stepped over the line by a good 6 inch or more. Nate Robinson wins the contest by 52 to 48 vote.


MiKE G said...

Dwight Howard did not live up to his hype! Nate Robinson --> Superman that ho!

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