Monday, February 2, 2009

Week 4: Game of the Week

Adam Said:

Last Thursday night's game with Phoenix hosting against the Spurs was a shoot out and entertaining one. Game might have seem like Spurs won with ease because of a 10 point victory, but if you watched the game, viewers knew that the game was close throughout the night. It was a very high scoring game for both teams, Steve Nash dished out 18 assist that night, but was short to a victory. Ironically when Steve Nash becomes a high distributor instead of a scorer, his team has a very high chance of winning, but this was not the case on Thursday night because Manu coming off the bench just took over the game. Manu scored 30 points that night 18 for 18 at the free throw line, which was crucial because both Phoenix and San Antonio were shooting great numbers at the line, but San Antonio had the better free throw percentage that night and scored more from the line. The game was just a straight shoot out fest, Amare started off hot early, but cooled down after the second quarter and towards the end of the game, he just kept hitting jump shots after another and another. Amare had a pretty good night with 28 points and 10 boards. But Tony Parker had himself a decent night with 26 points and just nails a bulls eye shot near the end of the 4th to pretty much seal the game.


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