Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Week 4: Question of the Week

Which game at Madison Square Garden was more impressive: Michael Jordan’s 55-point performance or Kobe Bryant’s 61-point show?

Kris said:

Let me just start by saying that both players played AMAZING games. However, there can only be one. In this case, I would have to say that the Chicago Bull, Michael Jordan (wearing #45), had the more impressive game. I know some would argue that Kobe Bryant’s was better because he set the Madison Square Garden record for most points by an opponent (previously held by Michael Jordan) or that he has injured fingers on his shooting hand. No matter what reason someone gives me, I am still going to say that Michael Jordan’s game was more impressive.
The first reason why I say Jordan’s game was more impressive is because it came down to the last shot; Michael Jordan found Bill Wennington for the game winning dunk. Jordan had a great record-setting night, but still passed the ball to the open player with the game on the line. The second reason is the difference in defense and skill level of the Knicks now and then. The Knicks today play a run-and-gun style with no real defense. They do not have a solid man-to-man defender either. The Knicks in 1995 were hard-nosed defenders led by Patrick Ewing, Charles Oakley, and John Starks. They were also fresh off an NBA Finals loss to the Houston Rockets. Also, in 1995, players were still allowed to hand check. My final reason is the fact that it was only Jordan’s 5th game back from his first retirement. The fact that he had spent two years playing a completely different sport (baseball) made this 55-point game even more impressive.


MiKE G said...

NO ONE will ever surpass a great MJ moment.........not even KOBE!!!

Adam said...

hmmm...good point there kris. I'd have to agree...45 or 23 will always remain the best. Not sure who will ever surpass him...maybe King James!? Kobe is close but not close enough.

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